Product reviews for GA Joshua's Law Driver Ed Online

Braxton - Braxton Hixson

Thank you for helping me get my license

Nakyia - Nakyia

I learned a lot from this course and feel much better knowing more about the road.

Amelia - Joshua's Law

I liked this online course. I love how you can do it at your own pace. It is very easy to navigate through. Also, the quizzes that are included within each module are very straightforward.

kenzie - (kenzie) - GA Joshua's Law Driver Ed Online

Genuinely helpful and informational course. Learned a lot, and did it in a week after focusing. Extremely easy, helpful, and memorable.

Haleigh - Haleigh

Teaches you so much about driving! Very helpful.

Nevaeh - great

Really amazing and easy. Loved it !!

Sanii - good

a good course easy and quick 10/10 most definitely recommend

Stacie - Joshua's Law Experience

This course was easy to navigate and taught me a lot about how to be safe while driving!

Lilli - good

I liked using this website and it teached me so much

Evan - Evan-Good

It is well put together and engaging.

Elena - Elena

This was an amazing experience and it taught me a lot when it comes to being on the road

Ginger - Trey's Review

I really liked this course. I would recommend it to anyone trying to take Joshua's Law online

Khyauna - Joshua's Law

I loved it. It was really organized, and easy to understand!

chloe - joshuas law

great experience and vary easy and straight forward.

Gavin - Course review

I learned a lot more about driving, and road rules.

Katlyn - Katlyn- Joshua's law

It took me only 4 days to complete, it also taught me a ton of things that I did not know!

Isabel - It was good

I really liked the course. It was nice and organized.

Alexis - Joshua's Law

Good Course easy to get going and complete.

Caitlyn - Caitlyn

Very good! Didn't take too long either

Stephanie - Joshua's Law Test

Very informational text that will help you get one step closer to passing your drivers exam.

Kendall - It was a great experience and I learned a lot.

It wasn't complicated and it was put together nice, I will also be able to remember everything it taught me.

Dravon - Great

Really helpful and great way to learn more about the road

joel - how i feel about joshua law

i think i was educational and very good.

Sylvia - How I liked the course

I really liked taking this course even though it was alot to go over, I still learned lots of information about being careful on the road and things not to do and things to do while being on the road

Anaiyah - Review The Courses

This Driving class is great! Love the pop quizzes! Love that you guys give us a chance to review as well!

Sophia - Joshuas Law

I was not stressed at all, good test.

Ceejae - easy

Didn't take long to complete. Easy to follow along and understand. I learned a lot.

Lennon - Lennon

Very good, did at night in one week.

Bethany - Bethany- Joshua's Law Review

Excellent! Definitely taught me everything I needed to know.

Valorie - Eve-Joshua's Law Online Course

I loved how the passages read to you. It helped me understand what I was reading and could be helpful to other people.

Glemon I - NHSA course review

I liked how straight forward the course was and how easily it was to navigate through it, and was able to complete in 1 week.

Addison - Addison - good

It was super simple to complete, quizzes are helpful.

Lucas - Lasting Impact!

I learned a lot from this course and am very pleased I spent my time doing it even if it was required. I’m going to be a much better driver as a result. Thank you!

Jenifer - Joshua's Law

This test made it easy to refer back to the passages to answer the questions, and the questions were easy to understand.

Gabrielle - Joshua’s Law

it was super easy and i was able to finish it quickly

Meredith - pretty decent program

finished my joshua's law in one week doing it a few hours a day. got my certificate one day before i get my license so wish me luck

Audrey - Great

Did it over my school break and it taught me a lot about driving.

Adam - Joshua's Law Review.

It was really easy to navigate the site and find where everything was. I learned a bunch about road safety and how to be safe myself.

Coralee - i liked it

it was a great way to learn safety tips that i didnt know about before taking the test.

Keegan - GA Joshua's Law Drivers Ed Online

It was very helpful and was easy to navigate through the course. Very well done.

ANGELA - Joshua's Law!

I loved this course, it was engaging and funny, and accurately directed towards teens. The videos were enjoyable, and the facts were interesting. Would recommend to anyone.

Brody - Great Driver's Ed Course

This course was great for someone who likes to do things at their own pace. Highly recommend.


I had a lot of fun learning about the road and my safely.

Kimberly - Course Review

Perfect course! Super easy and got the course done quickly!

Amari - Very Easy

This online course is very easy and can completed very quickly

Jada - This course was great!

I really appreciate how easy this course was to understand. It was very engaging!

hailey - very good!

i finished this course in less than a week! it was very time consuming (which i expected) but very worth the money

Anabelle - Amazing

This was so simple and easy to work with.

Kaitlynn - Joshuas Law Driving Course

This course has been super helpful and taught me a lot of things i would not have thought about if i didn't take this course! I feel a lot better about getting my licence.

Karson - Good

The system is easy to work, and you can finish quickly.

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